The importance of touch

How the lack of touch is destroying men and I would say society in general.

It´s important to point out that this happens also to many women.  Although women are allowed and allow themselves to touch each other more, this depends a lot on the cultural, social and familiar conditioning.  Many women have great difficulties in touching their friends and in expressing love not only to their friends but also to their family members.  And of course, the attitude of touching, hugging or expressing love, when allowed, it tends to be more expressed towards women than to men.  This is caused by the possibility of being misinterpreted as having some kind of sexual interest or intention.

So we all have a lot to learn and take from this article.  Both men and women, so that we can start to allow a greater exchange of loving expressions among us.

A big hug,



Q sessions

Q sessions have a query objective.  We’d like to know what expectations for our work with intimacy we have.  We’ll be opening to share how we relate with our own bodies and other people’s bodies.

These will be close, confidential sessions and I’m looking forward to having your consent to record them.  I’m getting information to check at what level of connection to our bodies we are.  This information will greatly influence how the big sessions will develop.  I want to consider your personal expectations to build up our future encounters together.  They are 8 sessions cause I’d like to get to know personally all of you.

Q sessions are also a way of starting to get to know each other in small groups.  In this way in the big group sessions we will not be completely unknown to each other.

I will also be asking for your full natal birth data (date, exact time and place) as I am interested in finding correlations of the body and connection theme with our personal natal chart, to see if we can also get some clues from this ancient body of knowledge to feed our sessions.  This information can also be the seed for other future small group gatherings in which we can go deeper into our natal charts and increase the level of personal and group awareness.

This MeetUp Group is about Intimacy and the beauty of personally getting to know ourselves and each other.  Never forget that we all come from the same undifferentiated source and we’re here to rediscover it, through our encounters with others.  Brotherhood and sisterhood with our humanity and all we have in common is based on the respect of our differences in this body of manifestation and coming in real contact with its relevance in the here and now.

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The third MeetUp group is out!

After months “in the oven” my body gave birth to the third group on which I lay lots of expectations, as I intend to make deep psychological and spiritual journeys with it, so that we can together create a different way of being in this world.

Here goes the group and how I defined it in MeetUp (the link to it follows):

Brothers & sisters – The intimacy revolution

We see now lots of groups for men and groups for women. Ok, we are different but above all we are human. So in this group I invite you to connect to your humanity and to the deep need of intimacy and unconditional love that we all share.
We will work on spirituality themes to deepen our understanding and experience of it in every day life and relations. We will work on love and connection.
It´s easy to see how most of us are so afraid of opening up and sharing, we are afraid of being abused. When we hear the phrase „unconditional love“, we want to run away or we think that that is only for a partner or our family and children. As if among us, humans, that were impossible.
We are afraid of being ourselves, because we think that if we are honest then we will not be approved or accepted or even loved. In this group we will work on being ourselves honestly and lovingly, and we will use that fear to deal with its origins and face it by challenging it.
We are afraid of close physical contact because we fear it´s a kind of sexual promise. We will work on different levels of physical and emotional contact so that we respect personal differences and also learn to know our own limits so that we can share them with others.
We tend to think that to set a limit or just say „no“, we have to be agressive and cold. We can also learn to do it in a firm and loving way.
We will use psychology, assertiveness, discussions, body work, music, dance, astrology, yoga, role playing, breathing exercises, visualizations and we are open to your suggestions and techniques of your knowledge. We will also go out to events and just for fun. We´ll make live experiences to get to know which sub-personalities come up when we put ourselves in completely new situations.

My idea is to explore who we can be and how many talents we can bring to life when we connect deeply with others. What is it that they show us of ourselves and what we can learn from human contact.

Life is the stage where the mission of our lives develops and widens, where we get to discover and surprise ourselves, where parts of us die and others become new and reborn.

My name is Judith Garay (Jennié). I´m a Diplomed Psychologist, a Yoga Teacher, an Astrologer and a „Heilprakterin für Psychotherapie“. I worked as a Psychotherapist in Buenos Aires for 15 years and as a Psychological, Life and Spiritual Consultant/Coach in Berlin since 2015. I love human contact as the path to connect to our spirit. I love exploring life, sharing, dancing, singing and also reading and being by myself.

I invite you to create a community with me, a community that allows itself to think about life in a different way. Welcome!


Thanks a lot for reading and hope to meet you there!

A big hug,